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A Message from Jen


Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about True North Adventures. The retreats and coaching we offer are powerful, experiential journeys designed to support our clients in slowing down and reconnecting with their own Inner Guides. Your life is YOUR adventure, and how you choose to experience that will shape your time here on the planet in a way that nothing else can...read more

Upcoming Adventures



This 3 month women’s lead climbing workshop is an exciting blend of inner and outer adventures. We’ve crafted this for women looking to grow both their technical skills as a climber, AND their ability to navigate the inevitable mental/ emotional/ spiritual challenges that arise when we’re out there living a more DAREful life.read more


Lit up from the Inside...

The Inner Expedition program is a unique experiment in conscious leadership that is guaranteed to support you in creating powerful results within your own life and organization. This is not a theory or a skill that you can learn in book… but a wild, intimate adventure designed to ignite the essential relationship between you and your “Inner Guide”. YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for, and the magic that happens when we line up with our North Star in this way is unsurpassed...read more