Still finding our way…

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IMG_0254We’re back! And feeling so grateful YOU have found your way back here as well.  As I hope you know, we welcomed our newest adventure buddy into the world last winter, and have had so much fun watching her awaken into herself this past year.  During that time we’ve been continually inspired (and humbled) by this wise little teacher of ours, and are just beginning to understand what we’d heard all along… life will never be the same.

We’ve realized that above all, this is a wild, beautiful and messy adventure that by definition involves risk, uncertainty and vulnerability like we’ve never experienced before.  We’re still guided by the same North star (love, courage and authenticity) AND realizing that we’re getting a chance to step into those values in a whole new way.

This year has been full of epic campfire tales and something tells me it’s only just beginning.  We’ve been deeply touched by the stories people have shared with us along the way… hilarious, painful, “I can relate so much this hurts to listen to”… kind of stories that have reminded us that we’re not alone.  So, in an effort to share our evolving story, and those of other awesome mamas in our tribe, we’ve decided to compile a few of those for you here on this blog.

Keep checking in for regular updates and if you feel called to contribute, we’d love to hear from you too! This is a community collective… an honest, insightful, playful and above all inspiring collaboration of what it means to live life to it’s fullest with or without little ones in tow.  In gratitude for your continued love and support!


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