New Year, New Adventures

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As I sit here, just days from the anticipated arrival of our second child, I have this powerful urge to reconnect with YOU. Over the past 4 years, our tribe has grown significantly, and although we always love receiving emails and calls from past participants sharing updates of their inner and outer adventures, it has become increasingly clear that in order for our relationship to continue thriving, the exchange must be mutual!

Please let me explain… In many ways, I feel like I have been out on my own extended version of a True North Adventures retreat this past year (moving to a remote Alaskan island will do that to you!)  As is often the case with more intimate, introspective adventures, I have also gotten out of the practice (read: more hesitant) about reaching out and sharing these vulnerable, learning edges with our tribe. TNA updates/posts have become less-frequent, and in doing so, we have also apparently committed social media suicide.  Losing this frequent connection with you is a bummer on many levels, but above all else, a great reminder of what being REALLY connected is all about.

So here I am, at the opening of this new year,  humbly asking for a fresh start.  And more importantly, recommitting to doing our part in engaging with you in the authentic, meaningful and consistent way that hopefully drew you into our circle in the first place.  Inherent in the concept of adventure is the element of the unknown, and 2014 seems to be all about leaning in to that unfamiliar place.  Our True North Adventures team has literally spread itself across the globe, but our hearts are still very present and connected to the important adventure we’re creating together here.  Although the details of what is unfurling are still becoming clear, know that beautiful things are happening and as always, we’re excited for YOU to join in the fun! In the meantime, please accept these photos/personal updates from our team as intimate offerings to re-ignite our connection and conversation with you.

LeaFrom Lea… “Over the holidays I filled up with love, French cheeses and precious memories to return to cold and stunning Wyoming. This January, I finally moved into my own cabin at the footstep of the mountains. It has been a process, from a vague dream, to an intention … on the verge of realizing itself, a bit delayed, hesitating and voila!
I am back at the ski resort, teaching kids and eventually will risk teaching adults this year. The resort has been experimenting with a “Mindful skiing camp” starting next week. Jackson was voted the #1 Mountain resort by Ski Magazine and received awards for its green initiatives. Jackson town has been voted the #1  place for female entrepreneurs … I feel inspired. What am I going to create this year to feel # 1 in my heart? What will I contribute? What will I risk or dare to be alive and free?
No new years resolutions. Maybe I did not need the pressure this year nor to limit myself. Yoga and meditation are in support of a healthy lifestyle here in the mountains and I’ve brought my food and chocolate addiction to a whole new level by getting involved with the “Healthy Being Juicery”! We make raw food and juices for the community. It only makes sense that I would find food as a medicine, as it is already the best way I’ve found to share my love.
My favorite thing and the luxury of time: Making fire! At first I thought it was for warmth and I quickly figured out it was a different kind of comfort. To build your own fire is so empowering. It is a way to be authentic, to build from scratch. In the rhythm of my reaching for the paper, a match, kindling or bigger logs – I find myself playing with an ancient art. I chopped the wood last fall, stored it. Now, I am bringing it little by little in the house so it will be dry on time.  I take the time to build my fire and watch it burn. There is hope in the light, and in this moment all is perfect.” Amen sister!

RuthiAnd then from Ruthi… “After living in sunny San Diego for 11 years, I trusted an inner calling to move to the mountains. In June 2013, my husband and I packed our lives into a few boxes, enjoyed an epic month-long road trip around California (including summiting Mount Shasta and spending a week climbing in Yosemite!), and then boarded a plane to Switzerland. In addition to playing in the mountains (hiking, biking, via ferrata, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and more), I am exploring new parts of myself that include learning French, taking painting lessons and savoring a slower pace of life. I feel so lucky to have the Swiss Alps as my backyard playground!”  Ruthi is already dreaming up some epic European True North Adventures, and after skiing with Lea in France over the holidays, something tells me it won’t be long before we see these dreams become reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and know that if you’re feeling inspired to share, we would love an update from you too!  We hope that this finds you well and joyfully embracing the adventure unfolding in the year ahead.

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